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Pianist/Music Director

"an extremely poised pianist who possesses a high level of technical skills; a thoughtful performer who demonstrates a great respect for the score while projecting his own very personal, innate musicality"

Irwin Gelber, Professor of Piano, Boston Conservatory

"I was very much impressed by his performing achievements, the transparence and depth of his sound as well as his concern for colors and his careful use of Rubato for the sake of architectural projection."


Alexis Hauser- Artistic Director, McGill Symphony Orchestra, Montreal



 "I have known this exceptionally talented pianist and I have found him to be a gifted performer and a hard-working musician. Mr. Bota brings to his pianism a real sense of the essence in the works he plays, being equally at home in the music of all periods"

Dr. Linda A. Jiorle-Nagy- Piano Department, Boston University



 "Mr. Bota is an extremely sensitive and gifted pianist with a exceptional music temperament"

Maria Clodes-Jaguaribe- Associate Professor of Music, Boston University

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